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"Highness" has own factory, testing equipment and is capable of software development to meet customized demands. As for LCD panels, "Highness" adopts PID, which is mainly used in industry, has longer lifespan than other suppliers' products. "Highness" focuses on the details of product whether its reliability or appearance.


What problems does IWB solve?

IWB solves the inconveniences caused by traditional black/white boards because users can easily write, correct or have a recording. Moreover, it makes teaching more effective when going with the software that is equipped with additional features. The recording function allows students to reply what teachers taught after class. Where there is Wi-Fi or 3G offered, there can be a teaching room.

More effective commercial meeting

Easy to write & erase

Digital conference record can be converted to Mail, PDF or printed out.

Full HD shows high quality of presentation.

Instant-Recording completely presents the details of conferences and there's no light issue which The software supports multi-party video conference


Digital Signage


Product Description

GATH460IR001 is a 46" self-service kiosk featured with multi-function, suitable for information search,
advertising or product promotion… etc.

Main Features

The rack is a gorgeous design whereas the material of the housing is made with galvanized steel, completely anti-rust, waterproof and durable. Built-in 46" HD LCD and IR multi-touch screen, the features make operation pretty smooth.

Product Application

GATH460IR001 can be widely applied over the locations including restaurants, exhibition centres, museums, public environments, banks, mobile phone companies, terminal bus stops, schools…

Full Colour IR Touch Screen

IR Touch Screen

Resolution: 4096 X 4096 Transparency: >=98%
Video Format: WMV、AVI、FLV、RM、RMVB、MPEG、TS、MP4 Support
Photo Format: BMP、JPEG、PNG、GIF Support
Video Display/Touch Screen/Information Search/Multi-Media Display


All-in-One、Authority Segment、VGA / LVDS、Smart Design of Power on/off、Display Control、WIFI + LAN



Replace USB Mouse
Automatic Symbol-Identification Pen Brush / Eraser / Flip
Gestures Identification / Intuitive operation

Gesture-Identification Support on Win 7 / 8

"Intuitive" Interface Design / Whiteboard Features

  • Comply with Win 8 Metro User Interface
  • Whiteboard Features
  • Remote PC Connection
  • PPT Gesture Remote Control
  • Built-in Chart Gallery
  • Office Equipment Integration
  • “Highness-IWB” is designed for the occasion where is suitable for big size of touch panels.

    The electronic whiteboards which are commonly sold on markets where are not user-friendly while the tool bar is only positioned on one side; with “Highness-IWB”, users can move the tool bar to any place when needed.


    Gesture Operation! Sub-menu instantly pops up!

    *Much easier to start a presentation or conference.

    “Highness-IWB” offers the audiences a wider angle of view when operating the sub-menu.


    PPT Gesture Remote Control

  • When PowerPoint is opened, system will be automatically changed to remote control mode.


  • Up / Down / Skip


  • Digital Ink Support

  • Support

    Interactive Whiteboard
    Digital Signage
    User's Manual of Interactive Whiteboard

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